Functions & Purposes

InternetRoad — Community Across The Internet

Directory Search & Information Solicitation & Aggregation Machine
Consumer & Business Services — Topical Surveys — News — Retail & Technology Information — Business Directories & Trade Shows

Operating from one source functioning via significantly named addresses, a wide variety of information is anonymously mined from selected specific and global audiences.

The InternetRoad Info Center Is:
Consumer Surveys & Reporting
24/7/365 Trade Shows & Company Directories
Consumer Interactions: Opinions & Complaints
Political Issue Dialogues
Ask Topic Series
Entertainment & Games
Research & Applied Technologies
News & Events
Business Functions

Additional InternetRoad Functions include:
Advertise In Any Context Along InternetRoad
Include Your Company & Products In 24/7/365 Trade Shows
Market Your Company With The Best In Related Industries
Subscribe For Access To Hundreds Of Poll Results — Ensuring the liquification of Information.
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