InternetRoad Is The Information Solicitation & Aggregation Machine

Developed Internet Real Estate

Companies obtain opinions to test product developments, sample marketing approaches, and offer consumers sales promotions.

InternetRoad’s purpose is to collect wide-ranging and accurate voluntary opinions and preferences from consumers regarding personal and business-oriented choices.

Information collected can be sorted, filtered, categorically selected, and utilized to analyze contemporary, pending, and provocative trends, likes, and dislikes.

InternetRoad sites are designed to interest, comfort, and enlighten visitors. InternetRoad sites are designed to present uncluttered, clear-meaning content. Visitors are not distracted by graphical interfaces with pop-ups, drop-downs, and movements that are unprovoked. If a visitor is interested in proceeding, he simply clicks links. Links will not unexpectedly pop up covering content. There are no distracting auto pop ups when a visitor’s cursor glides over them.

The primary tool used to solicit, provoke, and collect visitor information aggregation is the discussion thread open form survey. In this survey approach, visitors read a provoking item. Then they may enter in free-form, their opinion, agreement, dissension, and their spontaneously provoked additional thoughts. Each thread is visible to all other visitors, thereby evoking additional responses.

Visitor responses may be brief or expansive. Moderators oversee content and direction of all discussion threads.


Some of the many InternetRoad sites provide statements intended to provoke reactions and opinions. These include, but are not limited to, OpinionCenter.com, GlobalNewscast.com, ComplaintCenter.com, WarInformation.com, GlobalTradeReport.com, AskBusinessQuestions.com, and more.

Other sites attract audiences, including those searching on healthcare, world news, technology, and more. At these sites, including HealthCareReformIssues.com, visitors will be provoked toward responding to stated news and opinions.

Other InternetRoad sites attract visitors searching for assistance with specific problems, including home, appliances, vehicles, including ActivityReport.com, AskCarQuestions.com, AskFashionQuestions, AnswerMoneyQuestions.com, DesktopShopping.com, AskSportsQuestions.com, & more. At these sites visitiors are provoked to respond by news, facts, highlighted styles, and opinions that are presented.

Several other sites present concise company listings in proprietary databases. The databases support searches by industry, products, & services. The database directories include GlobalExpositions.com, DesktopExpos.com, CompanyLocator.com, FindRetailStores.com, and others.

Several sites present food-oriented topics, including FoodSurveyCenter.com.

Additional sites present political, business, learning & literature, gaming, and opinion news topics. These sites include KidsFables.com, UnderstandingMarkets.com, GreatKidsGames.com, & more. These will provoke visitor responses, sometimes through a concise question, eliciting information from the visitor, or an invitingly-empty text or check box.

Several sites present political areas for education and solicitation of opinions. These include LameLeaders.com, GasolineSurvey.com, and more.

With just one (1) simple payment of $142 million, all of this can become a profit center for your company.

The next owner of InternetRoad.com can choose to utilize the structure to promote products and services using internal advertising methods and / or ad placement organizations.

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