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Up, Down… Know Where?
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Older Voters
Inflation or Deflation
One direction for certain.
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First-hand Empirical Research
Brand Name Survey
What Good Is A Name In Today’s Global Market?
Nuclear Power
Needed Poison Or Complex Solution? Can we have it all?
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Driving, Living & More
Productivity Survey
You, Your Work, Your Industry
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News, Jabber, Entertainment
On Demand Audio-Video Reporting: News with NO flashing, frivolous chatter, sound effects, disgusting graphics, ignorant, shouting reporters, or parades of irrelevant people. Only News. News only.
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Our Needs Are A Matter Of Life & Politics
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On European Union Development
Global Trade Report
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Epidemic & Pandemic Information & Survey Center
Complexly Vague Facts & Questions. Answers?
Deflation Issues
A Great Change Of Pace
Why Not Speak English?
Progress Or Not. That Is A Question.
Comedy Stuff
Why So Boring?  Why not so funny anymore? Where Is The Cleverness?
Financial Warfare
Today & Throughout History
I’m Terrified
It May Be Too Scary To Be Alive — But Why?
Multi-tasking, driving through red lights, restrained eating, not smoking, not enough money, too much cholesterol & fat, way overweight, suffering under inept bosses and so many terrorist threats, all the while having to meet severely uncomfortable exercising requirements.  Oh my goodness, the stresses are so great.  When are we allowed to have fun?