The Gene Project

The Gene Project is studying the public’s awareness and opinions regarding the Human Genome Project. Submitting this survey anonymously to The Gene Project will allow us to help appropriately broaden the information base available and increase awareness of important developments.
DNA is being untwisted. Molecules are being isolated. Bonds are breaking. Genes are mutating. Identities will be isolated. Histories will be exposed. Today’s phenomena will be explained. Futures will be visible. Remedies will be found.

1.)  How familiar are you with the Human Genome Project and its objectives?

Directly involved in research
Familiar with advanced principles
Familiar with basic principles
I am currently studying sciences
I forgot most of what I barely learned
I was never really too interested

2.)  Where on the hierarchical spectrum of all living creatures does the sleep function first occur? Is the sleep function required only when creatures have intellect? Or, is sleep a function of creatures that have only a motor nervous system?
— Only with creatures having intellect
— A function of creatures that have only a motor nervous system
— Somewhere else along the evolutionary spectrum

3.)  The lesson of history to be applied here is that better intellectually endowed of all species, always have and always will, lead the less-well intellectually endowed of that species. Genetic specialists may artificially enhance the top 1% of people through DNA engineering and even the bottom 99%, but the new-&-improved 1% will continue to speed ahead devising better inventions, devices and lifestyles. Their new inventions will help them design better devices and improve upon inventions.

When humans devise a computing device and give it the ability to relate and integrate its innate training with its experiences it will have the potential result of the computer knowing more than it was initially taught. This is possible with devices just as it is with people of most intellectual capabilities. As better qualified people pass less-qualified, it is conceivable that a computer can be devised that will go beyond what it was initially taught… and conceivably beyond the intellectual skills of its inventor.

4.)  Many people observe a nasty, mean-spirited aspect of people in stores while shopping, on the streets while driving, and even on the job with coworkers.  If you also observe this phenomenon, do you attribute the nastiness more to genetics or more to environment… our culture of anger and resentment? Is it more due to genetics or more due to people’s developmental environments: our nasty, angry culture?

5.)  In your opinion and from the perspective common to all of us — that of knowing little — what do you believe should be the legal positioning of human genome results?
— Corporate ownership or Public domain
— Mandatory licensing or Patent rights granted to any entity making identifications
— Government ownership

6.)  As development progresses, I am concerned with the following areas:
Patent rights     Military applications     Environmental impacts     Worker outsourcing
Inappropriate federal spending     Ethical issues

7.)  Where do you believe the best opportunities are?
Medical research     Military applications     Environmental cleanup     Employment
Consumer products     Legal issues